reasons-to-quitDo you want to learn to stop smoking? Would you like to hear some great tips that come from professionals and previous smokers? Then you’re in luck. Below are some of the best tips that have helped thousands of people quit smoking. All of these tips were provided by medical professionals or people who have quit smoking and want to offer their own advice. If you’re trying to stop smoking, then read through all of the tips below and you might find something that helps you kick the habit for good.

Why do you want to quit?

It’s a lot easier to stop smoking if you truly understand why it is that you want to quit. Are you worried about cancer? Are you doing it for your loved ones? Everyone has their own stories and these stories are what help you conquer the cravings during the hard times. If you understand exactly why you are quitting, then you’ll be able to remind yourself of this reason whenever the cravings start. If you have an exceptionally strong reason for quitting, then you’ll find that it’s easier to ignore the cravings and continue on the right path. Without knowing your reason for quitting, it will be easy to make excuses why you should smoke and you’ll find yourself back off of the wagon.

Do you have a plan?

Anytime you undertake a big project, it’s always a good idea to have a plan. Trying to stop smoking is a pretty big project, so it requires a pretty in-depth plan. If you create a plan on paper that contains possible scenarios, goals, distractions, triggers, and other pieces of useful information, then you’ll have an extremely helpful tool throughout the journey. A plan will help you guide you where you need to go and offer some guidance when you find yourself in a unique scenario. The more details and information you include in your plan, the more helpful it will be.


We all need help sometimes. What do you do if you need help quitting smoking, but you don’t have any nearby friends or family to support you? You can pick up any phone and call 1-800-NO-BUTTS. This is a completely free hotline that is operated 24 hours a day. People who use this particular hotline can be connected with trained professionals who can coach you along the way, help you create a plan, or just distract you during a strong craving. People who used this hotline were twice as likely to finally stop smoking for good. This is a great tool and offers emergency support when you can’t find it from anyone else.

Friends and family.

Hopefully, the majority of your support won’t have to come from a hotline. You should turn to friends and family and share your plan with them. The more friends and family who support you, the easier you’ll find it is to quit. It’s especially helpful if you have a friend who was a previous smoker, but learned to quit. Keep a number on you handy at all times. When you’re dealing with a serious craving, just pull out your phone and call your friend for a distraction. Most cravings only last for a few minutes so some idle chatter is all you need to get through the moment.

Quitting aid.

There are a lot of different aids available to help people stop smoking. You could seek a prescription stop smoking pill that will control nicotine cravings. There are also nicotine patches that supply nicotine to the blood, thus reducing your reliance on cigarettes. You could also try smoking electronic cigarettes, which are healthy alternatives to cigarettes. They can contain nicotine, but all of the smoke is completely water vapor. There’s no harmful side effects or symptoms from second hand smoke.

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