PartsofanElectroniccigarette221As we know, smoking is extremely bad for health, and can cause a variety of serious health issues, including fatal diseases. However, it is also addictive, and many smokers are not only addicted to the nicotine, but to the activity itself – the feeling of inhaling and exhaling. Prop cigarettes – devices that look like cigarettes but merely give the smoker “something to do with their hands” in place of smoking – are not very effective for those who enjoy the sensation of inhaling and exhaling of smoke. For these smokers, there are e cigs.

E cigarettes are the closest a smoker can get to actually smoking, without the health risks of real cigarettes. These electronic cigarettes contain a cartridge with liquid inside it, and when the e cig is switched on, and the smoker takes a drag, that liquid is turned into a vapor, which the smoker is then able to inhale as they would smoke. However, because there is nothing burning, and it is vapor rather than smoke, it does not carry the same risks or have the same effect on the lungs as smoking does.

With good e cig brands, inhaling and exhaling the vapor gives the smoker the same satisfying feeling they get when inhaling and exhaling smoke. They can even blow smoke rings! Because it is vapor and not smoke, these e cigs are often permitted inside venues where conventional smoking is banned. They are not a fire risk since nothing is burning, and they don’t give off second hand smoke.

E cigarettes have two parts: a battery, and the cartridge. The battery is chargeable, and the cartridges replaceable. Cartridges are also available in different flavors, and can contain nicotine or be nicotine free. The flavors available will depend on the brand, but most brands offer a wide variety, from nicotine flavour (which is the closest to smoking a real cigarette) to chocolate and butterscotch.

Smokers who wish to give up smoking but have found it very difficult, or have tried several times and failed, often find it easier to achieve using e cigarettes. This is because, although they are still receiving their nicotine fix through the vapor, and not risking the same damage from smoke, unlike patches and other nicotine replacement options, the smoker is still able to enjoy the sensation of inhaling and exhaling.

Starting with a nicotine cartridge, the smoker is able to replace that cartridge with a non-nicotine cartridge a few times a day, in between using the one that contains nicotine. They can then increase the ratio of non-nicotine “smokes” to nicotine, gradually, until they are off nicotine all together, but still enjoying the sensation of smoking with no smoke involved.

E cigarettes make excellent gifts for smokers you know would like to give up their habit, but have not been able to achieve that so far. Giving a loved one a starter pack of an electronic cigarette could be the beginning of their success in giving up smoking permanently. Many smokers find that once they have become used to the vapor of the e cigarette, when they do have a real cigarette, they no longer like the smoke.

There are many different brands of e cigs, and it’s important to check them all out before making a purchase since they vary in quality. Check for testimonials and feedback from those who are currently using a particular brand, or have used it in the past. Conducting an online search for an e cig brand name, along with the word “complaint” or “disappointed” will bring up any posts on forums or social media from customers who have not been happy with that brand. This will give you a more honest view than just the testimonials on the company’s website.

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