I Had Literally Tried Everything To Stop Smoking


I have been a smoker half my life, and I have literally tried everything to try and stop. Time and time again I’ll set a date, choose my strategies and give it a shot. I tried both the gum and the patch a few times, and I’ve tried to quit cold turkey multiple times and a few by just cutting back and hoping it happens. One thing I had not tried was prescription medications, but the electronic cigarette had hit the market.

So, I had decided this was a pretty smart idea and went with the e cigarette when it first hit the market. It was a novel idea, but it was in its infancy back then. There were less options, less flavors, and less brands and models to choose from. I kept smoking for a time, and I considered finally trying prescription medication. Well, I finally did, and I still found myself smoking cigarettes.

A friend came over one day with a newer electronic cigarette and told me about the selection available now. I was surprised, and I tried his and really liked it. I figured I would look into them again, and I hope this time I finally quit smoking.