How I Eventually Quit Smoking

nicholasdanielsIt’s a lot harder than it sounds to quit smoking. I was a chronic smoker for 14 years before I decided it was time to try something new. I spoke with a doctor and they recommend a variety of quit smoking solutions, which I then tried one by one. The first was a prescription nicotine patch. It seemed helpful at times, but I still missed the look and feel of holding an actual cigarette. I would still find myself smoking after meals.

Then I began to try a special nicotine gum. This helped over long periods, but there was one small problem: it delivered nicotine at a slow rate. If I had a craving at the moment, I had to wait for the nicotine to reach my system. By then, I would light up another cigarette. Once again, I also missed the feel of smoking a cigarette.

The last product I tried was an electronic cigarette. I was happy from the beginning because it looked like a cigarette and acted like a cigarette. I would inhale at the end and it would trigger a switch that vaporized water vapor containing a small amount of nicotine. It helped me quit smoking and I would recommend it to anyone.