risksofsmokingCigarette smoking has been a much debated issue for decades now. This is because of the different arguments people make about the habit. To some, this is a habit that possesses some very dangerous and hazardous health effects on the body while others argue that the comfort and relaxation acquired from smoking cigarettes cannot be matched with any other form of leisure. Although many people believe that cigarette smoking can be very good in relieving body tension, it is vivid that the detrimental effects of this habit to the body’s health are too large to be ignored.

Cigarettes contain some very harmful chemical components such as tar and nicotine which are very harmful to almost every part of the human body. Despite being aware of these effects, many people ignore that information and forever remain in the dark about the extent to which the diseases are severe and fatal. One effect of smoking cigarettes is that it takes very little time for you to become a drug addict. Nicotine, is the chemical component that is responsible for cigarette addiction. This means that the moment you take the first puff, it becomes very difficult for you to rewind and stop the habit.

Cigarette smoking is also known to cause some of the deadliest diseases in the world. Ranging from respiratory ailments, to liver complications and cancerous infections, cigarettes really pose a huge threat to the well-being of human beings. Research has proven that smokers tend to suffer ten times more from lung cancer compared to non-smokers.

In the move to try and quit smoking, many people have undergone countless rehabilitation programs to try and quit the habit but they occasionally get the urge to smoke. Majority of the people who take on smoking do not begin it with the mindset of making it a long term habit but just a short term experience. It is only after smoking has become a parcel of their lives that people discover that a ten minute experience has turned into an addiction. This high level of addiction is brought about by the high nicotine levels that always give the urge to smoke even when you want to quit for a short period.
Many people argue that cigarette smoking helps in improving the brain concentration levels but the fact is that these are only short term effects. Cigarette smoking may appear very cool and tension releasing but after a few years, it can prove to be your worst enemy.

When I was smoking I felt ill all the time, then I moved to e cigarettes and feel a lot more healthier, and as we all know they are the most popular way to quit in the UK, and we have spoken to some of the UK e cig brands, and one of the most popular e liquid suppliers advised of the following:

There are a huge number of cases and bad press on e cigarettes at the moment, we should ask ourselves why? Is it because they are actually doing good? Or because the big tobacco brands are losing money?

Simply ELiquid

allyouneedtoknowaboutecigsThere are numerous facts that you need to know about electronic cigarettes before you start using them. It is only once you have all the information that you need about these nifty devices you can make an informed decision on their use. If you do not know everything you should about the electronic cigarettes then you may be using a device that is not beneficial for your needs.

1. What is an e cig?

An e cig is a battery operating nicotine delivery device with several important parts including the battery, cartridge, atomizer and LED light. The overall design of the e cig will be in either two or three pieces with the two piece design being more popular. When you use the e cig you will be inhaling nicotine vapor created by the atomizer, which is powered by the battery. Many electronic cigarettes are automatic and will turn on when you draw air through the mouth piece; however, there are other electronic cigarettes which present with a button that you need to press in order to turn the device on.

2. What are the costs?

Many people use electronic cigarettes because they are a cheaper experience when compared to the traditional cigarette. The largest cost you will face comes with the starter kit that you must purchase which includes the e cig and all the associated accessories. The costs that you face with these devices after this initial purchase will be low as the cost of cartridges for the electronic cigarette is much lower than the cost of a traditional cigarette.

3. Are there any important regulations?

Certain countries have prohibited the use of the electronic cigarette while others limit where the device can be used. You will have to verify what the regulations for the device are in your country before you attempt to purchase one. If you are able to get the device then you should consider where you are able to use it.

4. Are there any health risks?

The act of vaping is said to have lower risks than traditional tobacco-based smoking. Research has indicated that certain brands of electronic cigarettes could show some short-term side effects; however, there is little known about the
long-term effects. In conclusion, it is possible to state that the health risks you have with e cigarette are lower in most cases when compared to traditional cigarettes.

Final words on the matter

As can be seen, the e cig is beneficial when moving from traditional smoking to a less harmful form of ‘smoking’.

PartsofanElectroniccigarette221As we know, smoking is extremely bad for health, and can cause a variety of serious health issues, including fatal diseases. However, it is also addictive, and many smokers are not only addicted to the nicotine, but to the activity itself – the feeling of inhaling and exhaling. Prop cigarettes – devices that look like cigarettes but merely give the smoker “something to do with their hands” in place of smoking – are not very effective for those who enjoy the sensation of inhaling and exhaling of smoke. For these smokers, there are e cigs.

E cigarettes are the closest a smoker can get to actually smoking, without the health risks of real cigarettes. These electronic cigarettes contain a cartridge with liquid inside it, and when the e cig is switched on, and the smoker takes a drag, that liquid is turned into a vapor, which the smoker is then able to inhale as they would smoke. However, because there is nothing burning, and it is vapor rather than smoke, it does not carry the same risks or have the same effect on the lungs as smoking does.

With good e cig brands, inhaling and exhaling the vapor gives the smoker the same satisfying feeling they get when inhaling and exhaling smoke. They can even blow smoke rings! Because it is vapor and not smoke, these e cigs are often permitted inside venues where conventional smoking is banned. They are not a fire risk since nothing is burning, and they don’t give off second hand smoke.

E cigarettes have two parts: a battery, and the cartridge. The battery is chargeable, and the cartridges replaceable. Cartridges are also available in different flavors, and can contain nicotine or be nicotine free. The flavors available will depend on the brand, but most brands offer a wide variety, from nicotine flavour (which is the closest to smoking a real cigarette) to chocolate and butterscotch.

Smokers who wish to give up smoking but have found it very difficult, or have tried several times and failed, often find it easier to achieve using e cigarettes. This is because, although they are still receiving their nicotine fix through the vapor, and not risking the same damage from smoke, unlike patches and other nicotine replacement options, the smoker is still able to enjoy the sensation of inhaling and exhaling.

Starting with a nicotine cartridge, the smoker is able to replace that cartridge with a non-nicotine cartridge a few times a day, in between using the one that contains nicotine. They can then increase the ratio of non-nicotine “smokes” to nicotine, gradually, until they are off nicotine all together, but still enjoying the sensation of smoking with no smoke involved.

E cigarettes make excellent gifts for smokers you know would like to give up their habit, but have not been able to achieve that so far. Giving a loved one a starter pack of an electronic cigarette could be the beginning of their success in giving up smoking permanently. Many smokers find that once they have become used to the vapor of the e cigarette, when they do have a real cigarette, they no longer like the smoke.

There are many different brands of e cigs, and it’s important to check them all out before making a purchase since they vary in quality. Check for testimonials and feedback from those who are currently using a particular brand, or have used it in the past. Conducting an online search for an e cig brand name, along with the word “complaint” or “disappointed” will bring up any posts on forums or social media from customers who have not been happy with that brand. This will give you a more honest view than just the testimonials on the company’s website.

reasons-to-quitDo you want to learn to stop smoking? Would you like to hear some great tips that come from professionals and previous smokers? Then you’re in luck. Below are some of the best tips that have helped thousands of people quit smoking. All of these tips were provided by medical professionals or people who have quit smoking and want to offer their own advice. If you’re trying to stop smoking, then read through all of the tips below and you might find something that helps you kick the habit for good.

Why do you want to quit?

It’s a lot easier to stop smoking if you truly understand why it is that you want to quit. Are you worried about cancer? Are you doing it for your loved ones? Everyone has their own stories and these stories are what help you conquer the cravings during the hard times. If you understand exactly why you are quitting, then you’ll be able to remind yourself of this reason whenever the cravings start. If you have an exceptionally strong reason for quitting, then you’ll find that it’s easier to ignore the cravings and continue on the right path. Without knowing your reason for quitting, it will be easy to make excuses why you should smoke and you’ll find yourself back off of the wagon.

Do you have a plan?

Anytime you undertake a big project, it’s always a good idea to have a plan. Trying to stop smoking is a pretty big project, so it requires a pretty in-depth plan. If you create a plan on paper that contains possible scenarios, goals, distractions, triggers, and other pieces of useful information, then you’ll have an extremely helpful tool throughout the journey. A plan will help you guide you where you need to go and offer some guidance when you find yourself in a unique scenario. The more details and information you include in your plan, the more helpful it will be.


We all need help sometimes. What do you do if you need help quitting smoking, but you don’t have any nearby friends or family to support you? You can pick up any phone and call 1-800-NO-BUTTS. This is a completely free hotline that is operated 24 hours a day. People who use this particular hotline can be connected with trained professionals who can coach you along the way, help you create a plan, or just distract you during a strong craving. People who used this hotline were twice as likely to finally stop smoking for good. This is a great tool and offers emergency support when you can’t find it from anyone else.

Friends and family.

Hopefully, the majority of your support won’t have to come from a hotline. You should turn to friends and family and share your plan with them. The more friends and family who support you, the easier you’ll find it is to quit. It’s especially helpful if you have a friend who was a previous smoker, but learned to quit. Keep a number on you handy at all times. When you’re dealing with a serious craving, just pull out your phone and call your friend for a distraction. Most cravings only last for a few minutes so some idle chatter is all you need to get through the moment.

Quitting aid.

There are a lot of different aids available to help people stop smoking. You could seek a prescription stop smoking pill that will control nicotine cravings. There are also nicotine patches that supply nicotine to the blood, thus reducing your reliance on cigarettes. You could also try smoking electronic cigarettes, which are healthy alternatives to cigarettes. They can contain nicotine, but all of the smoke is completely water vapor. There’s no harmful side effects or symptoms from second hand smoke.

quitsmokingordietryingIf you’re someone that wants to quit smoking, then you know how hard it can be. That’s why this article was put together. Take a moment to go through these tips and you should be able to find the information you need right away.

You’re going to want to make sure that you really want to quit smoking and that you’re doing it for yourself. If you think that you’re going to quit for anyone else out there, then you’re going to be disappointed because you’ll fail a lot of the time. A good rule is to make sure that deep down you want to quit for yourself and for your health. If you do it for other people it’s going to be harder to get through. Try your hardest to make sure you quit because you want to and it should work out for you.

Allow yourself some time to get through the withdrawal symptoms when you first try to quit smoking. You’re going to want to try and quit on a day when you know there isn’t going to be a lot of stress that you’re going to have to deal with. All too often will people try to quit, but then they do so on a day where they get stressed too much so they end up smoking again. Try to pick your quit date on a day where you’re not going to have to deal with a lot of different things that stress you out.

Getting to where you can quit smoking is going to be hard to do for you at first. That’s what this article was put together to help you with. Take a moment to go through these tips, and when you do it should be easy for you to put the cigarettes down.